Executive Protection

Our executive protection program is designed  to avoid risk at all cost, to important persons with travel or business  itineraries that require heightened quality of  security. Our agents are well trained and carefully selected, so they can respond to our clients’  security needs quickly and reliably. We provide our clients with security drivers, vehicles and protective personnel as needed.


Armed and Unarmed Security Agents

Our armed and unarmed security guards are trained and certified to detect and prevent unlawful activity in virtually every industry and situation.


Especial Events Security

Our events security services offers, bodyguards, personal protection services and transportation for a variety of events, organizations,  including Production sets, corporate events, concerts, public events, and more.


Security Escort Services

Our agents are an experienced elite of professional, highly-trained, and trustworthy team, who remain alert and proactive at all times in order  to Identify & diffuse potential dangers to ensure the personal protection of our clients.